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For well over thirty years, Dr. Sydney Crackower has been helping his patients with weight problems.  Our program consists of a specific diet plan that we have been successful with for many years and an exercise program that is geared to your physical capabilities, time available in your schedule for exercise and major adjustments in your thinking about nutrition.

Obesity has become a major health problem in modern day medicine and simply wanting to look good or fit into that bathing suit for the upcoming cruise are only part of the goal for our helping with weight loss.  The medical need to adjust your diet and engage in regular exercise impact your health and life. Not only your health but the health of your family from a family doctor’s perspective is important here.  Losing excess pounds can have far-reaching benefits for the health of your heart, joints, lung function and kidney function and your ability to perform a job and  enjoy leisure time activities and just generally feel good on a day to day basis.

In addition to diet and exercise, we  provide medication as needed for weight loss where suitable and applicable.  Your BMI is measured and regular visits for weight loss progress determined.



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