ADD Evaluations


Dr. Sydney Crackower has been evaluating and supervised the evaluation of ADD for several years now. Patients undergo an approximate one hour testing phase after which a score is arrived at determining whether the patient has significant ADHD or ADD or not.  Treatment is then provided in regular visits to the practice to those with the diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.  If you have had problems completing tasks, multitasking, organizing yourself at home or in the workplace, then perhaps you should be evaluated for ADD or ADHD.  If you find yourself very “figity” and unable to concentrate, you may have ADHD or if your employer finds that your job performance has declined over time, you may have this condition.

At one time it was believed this was a condition of children found early in the school experience–but more and more research is uncovering that adult onset of ADHD can occur later in life or as a college student. Many adults are finding they have been affected emotionally and in their relationships both at work and in their personal relationships due to the condition of ADD or ADHD. Sometimes this condition can actually be another disorder and the problem needs to be sorted out. Our testing procedure endeavors to do this.  If you suspect that you have problems keeping on track in your day to day tasks, call us for an appointment to be evaluated at 337-988-4116.


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